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A Premium Luxury Branded Long Lasting Fragrance Crafted With Unique Exotic & Finest Ingredients For Men & Women
LITCHI PERFUME : It is produced from the extracts of Lichi a subtropical luscious red fruit originated over 2000 years ago in the mountain forests of Southern China. Chinese emperors valued the Lichi for its sweetness, so much so that they came to represent royalty and love. The scent of Lichi perfume, however, is citrus and fresh, fruity, but without being sweet.
STRAWBERRY PERFUME : Our Strawberry Perfume is an ever lasting attar perfume for men and women which provides pleasant strawberry fragrance for more than 24 hours.This Original Strawberry Musk Attar Perfume of 8ml Roll On is a combination of lots of fragrance which is extracted from best quality raw material of Berries. It has a sweet and soothing strawberry smell which is loved by everyone.
FRESH FRAGRANCE : Trendy Perfumes Produces fresh and captivating fragrance that is masculine, irresistible, and a must-have for your daily adventures.
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE : To match your discerning tastes and of your favorite people, to get you ready for the spotlight worthy festive occasions, the gift boxes are carefully arranged to meet needs of all those lush beards or clean shaves, fragrance lovers or game changers. Our products are all made with natural ingredients and premium essential oils, so you can gift yourself or your close ones the best of care.
SKIN & FABRIC FRIENDLY : Trendy Perfume Scent & deodorant are skin and fabric friendly. So no more rashes on skin and keep you worry free from discoloration of clothes.
LITCHI & STRAWBERRY Perfumes having a delicious and bodacious fruit scent makes your mouth watery and compels you to bite into one. The Trendy Alcohol-Free Lichi and Starwberry Fragrance Concentrated Perfume is a magnificent Long lasting fragrance. For Men & Women
COMBO PACK IN ONE BOX : No Gas Perfume Spray | Quantity: 30ml Each | Made In India Unique Long Lasting Perfume Fragrance