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The brand started with high-quality milk which is sourced after careful selection and is then passed through Unique Flash Heat Treatment that makes the milk germ-free and preserves its nutrients without adding any preservatives. Thereafter, Nestle a+ nourish Milk is packed in a 6 layer protection packaging ensuring the long shelf life till un-opened. Nestle a+ nourish toned milk undergoes 61 stringent quality checks including checks for adulterants, aflatoxin and antibiotics.
This UHT Treated Toned Milk, fortified with Vitamin A & D, has no added preservatives. 1 glass (200ml) of Nestle a+ Nourish Milk helps meet 2 recommended portions of dairy per day. Warning: This product is not to be used as an infant milk substitute. Do not buy if the pack is puffed.
Key Features
- Comes with the goodness of Calcium and Protein
- Undergoes 61 stringent quality checks to ensure high-quality milk for your family.
- Undergoes unique flash heat treatment to preserve nutrients.
- Toned Milk Fortified with Vitamin A&D.
- UHT treated toned milk, contains no added preservatives.
- Can be consumed directly from the carton, no boiling required.
Toned milk, Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) and Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol).
How to Use
Nestle a+ Milk can be consumed straight from the pack, no boiling required. This pack contains 4 serves.
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Once opened, refrigerate (between 4 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius) and consume within 2 days.
About the Brand
They are the Good food, Good life company. They believe in the power of food to enhance lives. Good food nourishes and delights the senses. It helps children grow healthy, pets thrive, parents age gracefully and everyone live life to the fullest. Good food brings us together. Good food also respects our planet and protects resources for future generations. At Nestl, they constantly explore and push the boundaries of what is possible with foods, beverages, and nutritional health solutions to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. They focus our energy and resources where unlocking the power of food can make the greatest difference to the lives of people and pets, protect and enhance the environment, and generate significant value for their shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Manufacturer info
Marketer : Nestle India Ltd.
Customer Care Phone Number : 1800-103-1947
Customer Care Email ID :
Customer Care Address : Nestle Consumer Care, Po Bag No.2, New Delhi 110001