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KARBD Swimming Kickboards are made of high-quality environmentally friendly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam (EVA) material, which is light and durable, waterproof and quick-drying, high density and light weight, and has durability in swimming pools or other water environments indoors and outdoors. Our 4 cut design allows for different hand positions on the board, thereby activating different muscle groups for training. It includes 2 sets of integrated handles (four cuts in total) for optional and rotational swimming positioning. It is specially designed with 4 holes or cuts for ease of holding and multiple swimming positioning. The cuts can be removed optionally, i.e. if you need to use the entire board without the cuts, you can do so. Swimming kickboards are by far the most popular swimming aids used by beginners and swimmers due to their versatility and adaptability. When used correctly swimming floats can help develop specific parts of your technique. They are suitable for non-swimmers right up to advanced swimmers, and can be used by both adults and children. Swim floats are used by swimming trainers as part of lessons for many different exercises. They can be used by non-swimmers to strengthen and by established swimmers to isolate and perfect technique. The floats will provide stability and help boost confidence, whilst encouraging a fast and furious leg kick. There are multiple advantages of using a swimming kickboard like - very versatile and can help enhance a wide range of swimming exercises, Can be used in addition to other aids, can be used in place of other types of swimming aid to encourage progression and enhance strength and stamina, when used individually floats can help gain leg or arm strength, fine-tune technique by encouraging a swimmer to focus on a certain area of their swimming stroke.